Awesome Deal Day!

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

Bring on the Deals!!!! Today is one of thee best days to snag a great vacation deal as summer dwindles out and travel prices drop. As you know, I prefer to travel in the winter and spring where I save tons of money for my travel. Labor Day is the perfect day to start your research. Check out some of the deals that I've found:

Norwegian Getaway

Currently Carnial Cruise Line and Norwegian Cruise Line are having a Labor Day sale with $50 deposits. This means that you can reserve an amazing vacation for $50 and pay on it as needed. This would only apply for cruises that are more than three months out, as full payment is due three months before you cruise.

You can also take advantage of Priceline's cruise sale that's happening now!

While on a cruise in April, I met a couple and another traveler who swore by this site for their cruise purchases. They also made sure to share that it was great for last minute cruise purchases. Guess what? They are having a mega cruise sale today too! Check out for your next deal.

For those who love package deal sites, Travelocity and Expedia are having a 24-hour sale on hotels, flights and package check it out!

I recently discovered this site through a travel blog I read, it's for those who may need time to purchase a plane ticket. Airfordable provides the opportunity for a layaway-style payment process for plane matter where you go! Check it out.

Here are a few more sites that are currently running Labor Day or end of the month travel specials:





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