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Updated: Dec 23, 2019

I think one of the best parts of traveling before even traveling is the shopping that you do for your travel. There's so much excitement in the preparation of a trip and the cool, yet necessary items you can find. Here is a list of items that I already have and want to buy for travel:


Of course everyone has some type of luggage when they travel but my favorite brand right now is Calpak. I love how their products have a playful design but is durable and sufficient at handling my overpacking. I first saw these a few years back on Instagram as Ming Lee Simmons modeled her case through an airport. Her version was sparkly and cute but after visiting the website the price wasn't. I thought saving up would be ideal but before I could get started, I was able to find this brand in Tj Maxx for a fraction of the price. I was able to snag a cute case for $59.99 and it has definitely been holding me down. It glides across the floor like a bird in the sky, it is definitely worth a buy (check out the link I included to view the inside).


As ridiculous as it seems luggage tags are at the top of my list, especially cute luggage tags. I purchased these when I took very first trip and gifted them to my friends who traveled with me. They are super cheap, cute durable and a fave for me when I travel.


I definitely don't do laundry on vacation because who does that? However, while I am on a trip it is helpful to separate my clean clothing from dirty clothing, especially when I am traveling back home. Mixing those two together means more laundry than needed when you get home. I purchased this bag from Amazon and it has been very helpful on my trips. It looks small but can hold a lot of laundry if you fold it.


These covers have been necessary when I travel. Since I travel mostly to beaches these come in handy when swimming. It protects my phone from water damage, allows me to capture underwater pics/vids and are reusable if you use them correctly. These are also found on Amazon in many versions but this brand has been the best that I've used consistently.


I actually just threw some of these in my Amazon cart while typing, since my next trip will be a cruise. I've only used these once but boy did they come in handy. When taking a cruise you have the option to print out luggage tags to label your luggage. When you arrive to a cruise you have the option to have your luggage collected and delivered to your stateroom or drag around until you get access to your room. Having these prepared before arriving to my cruise made the process of getting onto the cruise much easier. No one wants to pull luggage while exploring a cruise ship especially when rooms are not ready right away upon your arrival. These are super durable and reusable, I'm just buying more because I'm very good at losing things LoL.


I know many of you may remember this from your water/amusement park days but it really does still help. You can wear this around your neck and store your money or credits cards. I've used this while swimming at the beach, I hate leaving my bags on the beach while swimming. With this I can bring my most valuable things with me into the water.


If you are a person who like to accessorize your travel documents, well then you may want to invest in a passport cover/holder. The cover on the left I purchased from Amazon and the other is similar to a holder that I purchased from Tj Maxx. I feel so stylish walking through the airport with these. I will warn you that some TSA agents have made me take my passport out of these but they are cute and can hold a bit more than just your passport.

Now that I have shared with you all the things that I have here are a few of the things that I want:


I feel like I do pretty well packing my suitcase but these look like they could take things to a whole other level! Usually when I travel I live out of my suitcase, I never use the dressers that are provided in rooms. With these I can store my items without the fear of some creature crawling in my clothes. I can also pack more effectively and potential have more space to pack more things! I'm an overpacker :-)


Last April while in Belize, I sat behind a family on the beach who had these beautiful clips on their chairs that were holding their towels. While my towel blew all over the place in the wind, landing on the beach and collecting sand , their towels stay neatly laid across their beach chairs. It was in that moment I thought to myself, I have to get towel clips. I'm sure these clips can be use in other places but it's definitely a must-have for me while on the beach.


I wish I had this water bottle while I was in Cuba. Some countries have water restrictions that could affect someones health. While in Cuba and Mexico, I was constantly reminded not to drink the water. This meant that I would need to find bottled water locally. In Cuba, I was lucky enough to find water at a local grocery store but I was told that my experience with finding that water was an anomaly. One of the people traveling with us was smart enough to bring this type of bottle. No matter how many times or where she replenished it, she always had clean water. This bottle is definitely pricey but still worth the investment.


When cruising you will find that your stateroom will not have many power outlets or outlets that fit your electronics. I think it is best to be prepared because it's 2019 and we love our smartphones. I will be scooping one of these up for my future travel needs.

I hope I shared new ideas on things you may need or want while traveling. Each pic has a link, so check them out for yourself.

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