Fall Sales are Happening Now!

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

This past week I have been receiving so many flight deals in my inbox. From JetBlue to Southwest the prices are unbelievable. Check out these great deals happening now!

If you've been following my blogs, this is one of the reasons why I travel during colder seasons: cheap travel. I've already snagged a few cheap flights via Southwest but I have flown JetBlue many times and would never pass up an opportunity buy an affordable flight.

I've never flown Spirit Airlines but I've heard so many stories and read so many blogs about people buying their tickets in the airport at the counter and it being substantially cheaper. A woman posted recently in a travel blog that she was taking a trip to Colombia; her flight online over $600( two tickets round trip), at the airline counter almost $400 (two tickets roundtrip). So if you have some time on your hand and can use a little bit of it waiting in line in the airport, I would suggest giving this method a try. I plan to try this out in the near future and you know I am definitely going to blog about it :-)

As I've shared before, consider signing up for a site that shares flight information. Scott's Cheap Flights and SkyScanner provide a plethora of information on various kinds of flights, the airport where they depart and fare prices. Check out the list below that I received today from Scott's about flights to San Juan:

Flights are often time the most expensive part of a vacation and a determining factor on if a vacation will happen. Don't let a flight determine if you will see the world, get out there a catch these deals so you can catch these flights!

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