Maryland Seafood Festival

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

Every year I have the pleasure of visiting the Maryland Seafood Festival. I found out about this festival a few years on Groupon checked it out and loved it. The day is filled with many things to do and see and has many vendors selling many things. Don't be misled by the festival's name, there's more than just seafood at this festival.

These are just a fraction of vendors that were available with various foods and desserts. There were also various drink stations that sold soft drinks, water, and alcoholic beverages. There was a tent where you could get wrist bracelets to identify you as being 21 and over for drinking.

I visited this year with 3 friends and we stayed from the opening of the event until it closed.

The first place we visited of course was a cute little winery area that was offering free samples of wine being sold at various vendors during the event. The area was set up like a bar with tables and seats, information about how the company was started and area for patrons to vote on their favorite wine. I had a hard time get my friends away from here lol.

I will say I'm a little bit disappointed in myself, I didn't get many pics of the food that my friends or myself purchased because it was so delicious lol but here is what I did get. There was an area for eating under a tent with many tables and chairs for eating. We did get to this event when it opened so there was plenty of seating but after some time this every filled up pretty quickly, so we brought chairs.

After a bit of eating we ventured over to the vendor area where there were various items and products for sale that were not food related. There was art, plants, trinkets, clothing, jewelry, soaps and more. Many of these items were handcrafted and homemade!

Now even though I didn't get many pictures of the foods that we purchased, I did however get many pictures of some of the events that took place during the day. There were was a BMX stunt show on the beach where I got many great shots. The show was very entertaining and the Bay Bridge and perfect weather provided a great backdrop!

Another area for great shots that I loved so much was of course the beach. Did I mention that the weather was absolutely perfect??? It wasn't too hot or to cold, it was just right. We did however plan for slight weather changes during the day by bringing umbrellas for shade, jackets for when the sun went down, sunscreen etc.

There was live music during this event, we found a musician playing guitar and singing on the beach.

There was also a main stage with various musicians and live music.

I have to feature this guy that we have affectionately named "Hawaiian Guy". He is at this event every year dressed in a Hawaiian themed outfit and shows off his awesome Hawaiian inspired dance moves. He's an absolute joy to see every year and literally dances the entire event.

There's so many other things that I could share but it's really an event that you need to experience yourself. It happens every year in September, tickets are super affordable. We were able to snag four tickets for $40 total and paid for onsite parking at $10. There is also the option to park at Arundel College for $5 and take a shuttle over to the park.

The event happens two days, Saturday and Sunday, and closes with the most amazing fireworks.

It's a great festival to attend to close out a great summer. Hopefully you will be able to attend next year, this is something that I try not to miss.

Until next year!

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