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Updated: Dec 23, 2019

As a millennial I find it necessary to have apps at my fingertips to plan and research my travel. At any moment an idea could pop into my head that I may need to research or record. Here is a list of apps that are must haves to plan traveling and to use while traveling:


Southwest has increasingly become my favorite airline with all of its great perks. I've flown many other airlines but find that Southwest has found a way to not only provide great service but connect with their passengers. Airline staff and flight attendants are bubbly, friendly, extra helpful and lots of fun! It also helps that you get two free checked bags, get to choose your own seat and have the ability to change your flight with out those extra fees that can add up. My Southwest app allows me to quickly look up flights, check into flights, and manage my rapid rewards account . This is a must have if you are looking for an affordable airline with great service.


If you've read my first blog post you know that TripAdvisor plays a vital role in my choosing of hotels. With actual photos of travelers experiences and thousands of hotels I am able to get a feel of what a place is like before I visit. Paired with traveler reviews and photos, I'm able to make sound decisions about my stay and can say that TripAdvisor has never failed with my research.


This neat little app serves as a countdown calendar for events, travel, special occasions, etc. It allows you to add beautiful backgrounds (your own personal photos or stock photo) to add life to your countdown. You can also add alerts, notes, and share with others what you are counting down.


I loooooveee Tripit! It collects information from your email about reservations for flights, hotels, excursion or anything related to travel and organizes it into a neat itinerary for you to stay on task. It also keeps a record of the distance you have traveled, countries you've visited, total trips, and total days you've spent traveling.


I learned the hard way in Cuba the importance of having an app such as this. In Cuba there is no cell service but limited internet service with many restrictions and not many people speak English. For me that meant, if I needed something translated I couldn't just log on my phone to show a picture or look up words. Google Translate allows you to download this app to your phone with no cell service needed to access various languages for your translation needs. If you don't know how to spell a word or if someone is speaking to you in another language, you can use to voice feature to record words/conversations and have them translated right in front of you!

I haven't gotten the chance to use this app, as I only discovered it once I returned from Cuba but I know it will get lots of use on my birthday trip next year.


This apps Moto is "SAVE TIME". The Mobile Passport App allows you to record information directly from your very own passport and have it stored in the app to have at your disposal. That means when you travel abroad you won't need to carry your passport with you when you leave your hotel for exploring because it will now be right at your fingertips. Don't worry about your information being stolen, the app allows you to set up a security pin to keep your information protected while you're on the go.


This app provides you will updated information about your home airport, i.e. how long are TSA line, terminal/gate locations, TSA Pre Check information, delays, information related to what you can bring and more. There is also contact information for TSA just in case there a questions that you need answered.

There are thousands of apps that can assist with your traveling needs and help to make the process smoother. These are just a few of my favorite sites and must have apps that I use when I travel.

To see more apps and sites that I use for travel, make sure to check out the travel section of my site to get links to that information.

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