My Latest Cruise Trip: What is There to Do on Board?

Norwegian Breakaway tendered in George Town, Grand Cayman Photo By: Ndara Miles

Last week I set sail on Norwegian Cruise Lines Breakaway ship. This ships gross register tonnage is a whopping 145,655 with a guest capacity of 3,963 people and 1,657 crew members. It had 18 decks and is by far the biggest cruise ship that I've lived on! Cruising can be a fun adventure if you plan it right. The cruise lines that I have taken in the past use a cashless system where you can connect your bank/credit card to your room account or give cash to use along with your room account. Your keycard will allow you to get what need while on board (you will need cash when you visit the various destinations).

This may be my longest blog yet because there was so much to see and do on board!

This cruise vessel traveled from the Port Canveral Cruise Port in Orlando, Florida. Docked alongside this ship we found the Norwegian Sun, Carnival Horizon (which shared the same itinerary as ours) and the Disney Magic (which looked very much like a pirate ship).

I took this cruise with one of my closest friends, she's more like one of my sisters and travels with me often as we love adventure in new places! Our itinerary included visits to Great Stirrup Cay, Ocho Rios Jamaica, George Town Grand Cayman and Cozumel Mexico. I will feature these destinations in my travel vlog but wanted to share what I captured and experienced on board the ship.

There were a myriad of things to do, eat, see and experience on board. There were tons of restaurants to choose from, bars, a main dining hall and a buffet style cafe at the top of the ship.

You could visit the Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville themed restaurant for a small fee of $14.95. I don't know much about Jimmy Buffet or his Margaritaville resorts/restaurants but I know they are everywhere in the Caribbean. His music was played so much on this cruise I could probably sing the entire Margaritaville soundtrack.

There's literally a bar in every corner of the ship. The drinks are good but they definitely add up, many people by drink packages which may seems pricey at first but if you are a huge drinker (alcohol or soft drinks) it's definitely worth it. On a cruise soft drinks and alcohol cost an extra fee yet tea, water and juice is free. I don't drink alcohol or much soft drinks, so I am usually good with the complimentary tea, water or juice.

Upon entering the ship we had lunch in one of the ships restaurants Taste. Taste & Savor (same restaurant, just in different locations) serve as one of the complimentary fine dining options on the boat. Beautifully decorated, nice ambience and friendly staff inhabit this space. I unfortunately only visited this restaurant once for lunch on my first day aboard, it was still a good experience.

I spent most of my dinner times in the main dining hall for my dinner meals. Dinner here is included with your cruise so no need to pull out your wallet (or key card for that matter)! The ambience, decor and experience was absolutely amazing. You are seated at a well organized/decorated table for a 3 course meal. You can choose and plan your meal from the menu that changes every night. The food presentation was beautiful and quite delicious. I hate to say it, but this was my most favorite part of being on is quite an experience!

Besides the food there were so many activities on board, here are a few that I captured:

There's an arcade similar to Dave & Busters, where you can pay from your room key for games. This area was typically filled will kids but at night you could find adults here also.

There was a small splash area for kids and a variety of waterslides for all.

There were also pools, hot tubs and more bars for adults on the pool deck.

There was an area for golf and a basketball court. This day on the basketball court was family dodgeball.

There was a very daring ropes course with a part that allowed you to walk something plank-like to the edge of the ship.

There was a jogging/walking track outside at the top of the boat, for some to exercise. There was also a gym on board but I had trouble finding it :-).

One of the coolest things I saw was a rocking climbing wall at the top of the ship.

If you are traveling with children, don't worry! There are plenty of child appropriate activities on board that offer you time away from children during the day. The Splash Academy was available for children 6 months-3 years old. This was simply a play room with toys for family to visit with their children. A child care attendant was present to play with children but parents were required to stay.

Port Play was a little different, it was for children 4 and up and children were allowed to stay for activities without parent supervision for an extended amount of time. At one point, I saw the port play grow having a cute treasure hunt on the ship. The children were happy and the caregivers were very attentive and engaged with the children.

Don't worry! There was also a space for teens to hang! I'm not exactly sure what was in the teen lounge but there were always teen outside waiting to get in.

These are just a small portion of what was offered on board, there was also a casino, there are tons of nights clubs for adults and teens, comedy shows, Magic Show, Live Music and shops! Did I mention there are parties every night and everywhere?!?! You will never be bored.

This is also an amazing place to get the best sunsets and moon shots

I've talked to so many be about cruises and how it's a great experience. Many share their fears of being on the water, fear of being bored, etc. There's so many things to do, see, experience that you will have no time to feel bored. And cruise ships are super safe, no one falls overboard unless they climb over the tall railing around the ship. You will barely feel the ship move because of its enormity.

I've taken many cruises and I have to say that Norwegian has been the most luxurious cruise line I have ever taken . They make sure that you are comfortable, happy and that your every need is met everyday all day.

I've already planned my next cruise for 2021 leaving from Puerto Rico to the ABC Islands. It's a great way to see many different parts of the world in one trip safely. Cruises are very affordable if you plan effectively, it's great for travel with friends/family/ or significant others. Cruises come in many sizes and destinations, short cruises are offered at many ports with a plethora of destinations.

If you haven't had a chance to take a cruise give it a try you may just like it.

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All Photos By: Ndara Miles

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